Kids Blowing Bubbles

Moms, are you trying to find fun things to do with your kids in Lethbridge? I felt the same way, and discovered all the moms I knew were aware of a few things, but there was no single resource to find everything. So I created Lethbridge with Kids for moms like you and I.

Katie Klassen


Stay at Home Mama



Hi, I'm Katie, founder of Lethbridge with Kids. I can't tell you how many times I have been looking for something to do with my son, and asked my husband, my mom friends, and my own parents, "what is there to do in Lethbridge with kids?!" 

I am not great at scrolling the Facebook Groups, I didn't want to have to hunt for activities for my family to do, I just wanted everything in one easy location. Being able to glance at a calendar and have a plan for the day, or the week, means my son is getting a variety of activities throughout the week, I am getting out of the house, and we're both meeting new friends! 

My wish is that Lethbridge with Kids becomes a great resource for your family. Something you check on a Monday morning when you're planning your week, something you share with your other mom friends, something that you contribute to by adding in any activities you've heard of or leaving reviews of the activities listed here to help other moms find the best activities for their families!

Hopefully I'll see you out at an activity with our kids!

P.S. If there are ways this website could be improved to make it easier for you and your family please let me know!